5 most interesting stations of the Moscow Metro

The Moscow Metro is a very large system. It consists of 12 lines including a light metro line. The total length of all lines is 298.8 kilometers (both directions) in which 182 stations are located. At the same time the Moscow Metro is one of the best monuments of the socialist era and one of its major achievements. Traces of the great victories of the Russian state are gathered in metro that sometimes is compared with a museum. Foreign tourists … Read More

Moscow – What to see at night?

All big cities have a special look at night. The rhythm of the city becomes quite, the feelings intensive. Many Moscow attractions look different at night and are full of exceptional beauty. Moscow-city. There are thousands of dazzling windows, skyscrapers razing to the sky is a spectacular view able to cut the breath. When night comes, take warm clothes and go to see the financial center of the city of Moscow. You can take a cup of hot coffee, a blanket, … Read More

Trip to Moscow: best places to visit

Bisides of the main atractions of Russian capital, during your staying in Moscow you can see other interesting places. Here are some of this places: 1. Moscow State University The Moscow State University is one of the skyscrapers erected on the orders of Joseph Stalin in Moscow in the early 50ies of last century. It is 36-storied, 240 meters high if not to take in consideration the high column above weighing 12 tons. The main building of Moscow State University … Read More

Sightseeing in Moscow: top – 5 must sees Moscow attractions

When you are planning to visit Moscow you should pay your attention to some famous and curious sights of the city. The Moscow Kremlin is the main place in the city. Perhaps every person who has ever been to Moscow has a photo with the Kremlin at the background, the Savior tower or the domes of the cathedrals. The first Kremlin in Moscow was built by the founder of the city Yuri the Long Armed at the same spot in … Read More

Luisa Llorente

Moscú y San Petersburgo, es una belleza, merece mucho la pena conocer. También nos ha coincidido en Navidad, me ha sorprendido la gente como disfruta de las ciudades, como estaban decoradas e iluminadas. Me lo he pasado muy bien. Agradezco la fantástica visita que hicimos tanto por Moscú con Victoria, como con Natacha en San Petersburgo. Fue una delicia vuestras explicaciones e informaciones muy interesantes. La compañía y las conversaciones mantenidas. Borja y yo hemos vuelto encantados de visitar vuestro … Read More

Erin Lewis

It was amazing! Fun! Good company! Just more than I ‘ve ever expected. Honestly, I’m sad to leave Moscow. My son learned about the history and stuff. I highly recommend Tour-Moscow services.

Jorge Alex Rivera Montalvan

Nos encantó mucho la visita a Moscú, conocer el metro, las esificaciones. La arquitectura de Moscú es muy bonita con los edificios de Stalin. Lo que más nos impresionó era la catedral de San Basilio. También nos encantó nuestra guía Victoria que nos contó la historia de diferentes lugares. Victoria de verdad fue una gran guía para nosotros. Cosas que nosotros habíamos aprendido solo en los libros de la secundaria vivimos aquí. Gracias por todo!

Jorge Bendeck

Venimos de Colombia. Estamos felices, qué ciudad tan encantadora! Además con una guía espectacular, Victoria. Nos ha llevado por los lugares más interesantes, ha tenido toda la paciencia con nosotros  y la vamos a recomendar a todos.