5 most interesting stations of the Moscow Metro

The Moscow MetroThe Moscow Metro is a very large system. It consists of 12 lines including a light metro line. The total length of all lines is 298.8 kilometers (both directions) in which 182 stations are located. At the same time the Moscow Metro is one of the best monuments of the socialist era and one of its major achievements.

Traces of the great victories of the Russian state are gathered in metro that sometimes is compared with a museum. Foreign tourists guided by a personal guide admire mosaics at “Kievskaya” station, rub intensively the nose of the statue of the dog at “Revolution Square” station, it is said, this will give them luck, take pictures of the inlay at “Mayakovskaya” station.

So here, there is a list of five most curious subway stations:


1.Kievskaya (circular line)


It was opened in 1953. This station owes its cheerful and Southern look thanks to the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Nikita Khrushchev. Nikita Khrushchev did not like at all the two other stations “Kievskaya” located nearby. He wanted to add a solemn look to this station in honor of the Soviet republic where he worked before. So the design contest was announced. 73 projects were submitted for the competition and the project won the architect from Ukraine. The station was dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the union between Russia and Ukraine.


  1. Komsomolskaya

It was opened in the 50s. Firstly, it had to bear the name of “The Kalanchevskaya Square” but then it was decided to name it in honor of the young workers who took an active part in metro construction, the youth organization called “Komsomol”.

During the Moscow tour don’t forget your camera. The station has a wonderful majolica tile mosaic which was designed by the academic of pictorical art Lanceray. The young builders of the subway are represented there.


  1. Revolution Square

It was opened in 1938. The station has a complicated but happy life. Different miraculous abilities were attributed to the sculptor who made all the statues here. Moscow students come to this station before exams to touch the dogʼs nose. It is considered this will help to get the highest marks. That’s why the four dogs that are set at the station are polished. And only one gentle touch of the leg of the student, people say, treat from unhappy love.


  1. Маyakovskaya

It was inaugurated in 1938 as well. It is considered the most beautiful station of the Moscow metro, a masterpiece of Art-Decor style. The station got an architectural award at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1937. The project of “Mayakoskaya” station also received the Grand-Prix at the industrial world exhibition in New York in 1938. It is considered one of the most beautiful metro stations of the world until today.


  1. Novoslobodskaya

The marvelous stained-glass of the station was executed in Litonia. The pieces of glass were prepared for one of the cathedrals. Communist ideologists suspected about the stained-glass decoration if  it would remind a church to workers. But the windows began to recall an aquarium with pictures of the sea kingdom.

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