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Nevsky prospect

  • This is the most important and animated avenue of the city of St.Petersburg connecting the Admiralty building with the monastery of Alexander Nevskiy. The prospect is 4,5 km long. It was in 1737 when the city commission made a decision on establishing  the city center here. That’s why this place was shortly embellished with a long row of elegant palaces.


Kazán cathedral

  • It was erected on the orders of emperor Paul I who wanted to build a church glorifying all the nation. That’s why only Russian workers and Russian architect were commissioned to reach this purpose. The materials were also Russian. This is the place where all main holidays of imperial family were held, including marriage ceremonies. The cathedral was consecrated to the miracle icon of Our Lady of Kazán who many times saved Russian army from invaders.
    (visit: from 8.30 until 20h, divine worship at 9h and18h)


St. Isaac’s cathedral (architectural monument representing late classicism)

  • The most luxurious and collosal church of St.Petrrsburg. This is the place where baptistm ceremonies of the imperial family were held. The fist St.Isaac church on this site was constructed in time of Peter I commemorating St. Isaac of Dálmata whose Holliday was on the tsar’s birthday. Also, Peter I married his second wife, the future empress Catherine I , here.
    (visit: advanced payment, from 11h until 18h, closed on Wednesday )


The church on Spilled Blood

  • Erected on the same place where the emperor Alexander II lost his life because of the bomb thrown by a member of the People’s Will terrorist organization. Here comes the second more widely known name of the church of the Savior “on Spilled Blood”. Inspite of being very familiar in architecture with the St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow this church is totally different inside. All the walls are covered by stunning mosaics. (visit: from 11h until 18h, closed on Wednesday)


Admiralty building

  • Founded as an emblem of the newborn Russian Fleet. We should remember that Peter I loved Amsterdam and wanted to change the North of the country in seaport destined for a great amount of boats coming to Russia to trade in. Nowadays, the palace holds the High School of Military Fleet.


Hermitage palace (legendary art museum-reserve)

  • Imperial residence throughout 2 centuries. Winter palace represents an authentic baroque world. It has 1050 rooms, 1787 windows, 117 staircases. There are 176 allegoric statues on the roof.
    What is the meaning of the word «Hermitage»?


Palace Square

  • The first revolutionary movements of the XXth century came from particularly this place when the 2 January 1905 a group of workers came to the Winter Palace and many members were shot on the orders of tsar. Crowds of people were killed and let on the snow. Several uprisings broke out in the country from that very moment. Later, in 1917, the October Revolution started from the siege of the Winter Palace from this very place.


Bronze horseman

  • Statue of the founder
  • What was the reason to found St. Petersburg?
  • Why is it said that Peter the Great’s purpose was to build Amsterdam in his country?


St.Peter and Paul fortress

  • This is the heart of the city. It was the very first construction that ordered to erect Peter the Great after the first sea victory of Russian fleet when two Sweden frigates were destroyed at the Gulf of Finland.
  • When did the tradition to bury imperial family at Peter and Paul Fortress start?
  • When was buried Nicolas II and his family?
  • (visit: from 11h until 18h, closed on Wednesday and the last Tuesday of the month)


Neva river embankment

  • Amazing bridges and historical boats including the famous cruiser “Aurora”, which fame is linked with the beginning of the Revolution when it made a shot that ment  the siege of the Winter Palace.
    (visit: from 10h until16h, closed on Monday and Friday)

And other sights


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