• The most beautiful summer residence of Romanovs known as Russian Versailles, famous for it’s cascades and fountains.
  • There are several palaces on the territory: one of them is called Grand palace, others are small in comparison and a marvelous Fountain park, which deserves a special attention.
  • Have you ever seen 225 sculptures made of guilted bronze with 64 fountains?
    Peter I knew that every sumptuous capital should have a stunning periphery. The fountains forming the Main Cascades were planned taking in consideration the hydraulic rules, using the system of connected recipients. The water descending from the hills located 22 km from Petrodvorec was enclosed in pipe and brought to this place using a system of canals that is 40km long. It will be a great day that you will spend walking in fabulous parks between marvelous palaces. Also it will be an educative day. (Visit: from 10.30 h to 17 h, except Monday and the last Tuesday of the month. The fountains opened from May to October from 11h).
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6 adults55042900
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