This is the best way to feel the city, see the rhythm of Moscow. We will walk by the old city center. There are lot᾿s of pedestrian streets in old center that are closed for driving, so the only way to see them is a walking tour.
The tour includes:
  • a professional licensed guide
  • pick up at the hotel


Red Square

  • The main Square of Russian Federation, UNESCO protected
  • You will get answers to some traditional questions why it is called «red»
  • Where the soviet leaders stood when military parades
  • Where the burial place of Josef Stalin is
  • Where the burial place of Yuri Gagarin is


St. Basil᾿s cathedral

  • Outside, if inside see notes below
  • It was erected on the orders of the first Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible, UNESCO protected
  • Why is it also called Intercesion cathedral?
  • Is it truth that the architects who constructed this cathedral were blinded?
  • Why was it covered with brick pattern after being completed the construction work?


Mausoleum of Lenin

  • Outside, if inside see notes below
  • Why was embalmed the body of Lenin?
  • Was Stalin embalmed when he died?
  • Are Moscow authorities going to bury the body of Lenin?


Gum Department Store

  • The unique Trading Rows in the world
  • When is GUM absolutely closed for visitors?
  • Who sponsored the construction work of this sumptuous building in the late XIXth century?
  • When was the time when flats were located inside GUM?
  • Where was a farewell ceremony with Stalin’s second wife when she died?


Nikolskaya street

  •  One of the oldest Moscow streets.
  •  Why does this street bear the name of St.Nicolas?
  • Where was the cemetery found on this street not long ago?
  • Where was the canteen protected by FSB (former-KGB) located  and what was it’s name?


The building of former-KGB

  • One very famous soviet joke says that it’s possible to see the Far East from this place.
  • What is the meaning of CHEKA, KGB and FSB?
  • Whose monument stood on the square in front of the main facade?
  • What is the history of the name of Lubianskaya square?

kuznetski most

Kuznetskiy Most Street

  • The street keeps an atmosphere of old Moscow center
  • What does Kuznetskiy Most mean?
  • Where does Neglinnaya river flow until today?
  • Where is the restaurant mentioned by Alexander Pushkin in one of his poems located?


Petrovka Street

  • Petrovskiy Monastery and Petrovskiye Trading Rows
  • Where was the first traffic light installed in Moscow?
  • Where is the museum of GULAG?
  • Where did people buy the best French wine in Petrovka at the beginning of the 20th century?


Dmitrovka Street

  • Upper Chamber of Parlament called Federal Council, the House of Sindicats (XVIIIth century)
  • Where was the first Ball of Natasha Rostova ? (“War and piece” L.Tolstoy”) and the first ball of Tatiana Larina (“Eugeniy Oneguin” A.Pushkin).
  • Where was the granddaughter of Santa Claus introduced to moscovites for the first time?
  • Where is the first electric power station situated in Moscow?


Theatre Square

  • Four buildings are occupied by theatres including the main building of Bolshoy theatre, the main opera and ballet stage.
  • Where is the oldest fontain in Moscow that had water coming from a source located 20 km far from this square?


Ohotniy Ryad Street

  • Lower Chamber of Parlament – Duma
  • Where was  Karl Marks avenue located?
  • What is Gosplan and five-year plans?
  • Where was  the first church dismantled by communists in 1922?


Stoleshnikov side-street

  • The fashionable street of Moscow and the most expensive one.
  • Which street is considered to be the second most expensive in the world after Camps of Elisees in Paris?
  • Stoleshnikov side-street was a place of leaving of a famous and respectable writer for Moscovites Guiliarovskiy who described Moscow city life in the late XIXth century in his book “Moscow and moscovites”.


Kamergerskiy side-street

  • This side-street is a living place of the main caracter of the novel  “Doctor Zhivago” written by Boris Pasternak. Pasternak was granted a Nobel Prize in literature.
  • Leo Tolstoy worked here on his novel “War and peace”.
  • Precisely in this side-streat was found the manuscript (it was considered as lost) of the novel “Quiet flows the Don” written by Mikhail Sholohov who was granted a Nobel Prize.


Tverskaya Street

  • The main street of Moscow existing from the XIIth century.
  • Mayor᾿s department and the monument to the founder of Moscow.
  • Why did Grigoriy Belinskiy (Russian literature critic) write that this street was narrow and curve?
  • How was it possible to move the buildings in the street?
  • What is the connection between red granite covering some buildings at Tverskaya Street and Hitler?


Manezh Square

  • The cupulas on the floor are windows of an underground department store.
  • Why were many squares formed next to the Kremlin and Kitai-Gorodskaya walls?


Alexander Garden

  • Tumb of the Unknown Soldier
  • Where is the sacred soil of hero-cities?
  • Which names are written on the stella of the Garden?
  • Who was Patriarch Germogen?



  • Outside. The fortress where Russian Tsars and Church leaders lived.
  • What does the word “Kremlin” mean?
  • Where is a natural hill leading to Neglinnaya River?
  • Where is Neglinnaya river?
Drop off to the hotel or another wished place


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