• This is another city-tour that will impress you. The Moscow river flows by different parts of the city center that’s why you will be able to get in acquaintance with such places as Kremlin, St. Basil’s cathedral, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Moscow State University, “Luzhniki” football stadium, monument to Peter the Great, examples of new housing, ministry of foreign affairs and other Stalinist sky-scrapers, you will admire many churches and monasteries located at the bank of the Moscow river. Some Moscow embankments are closed for public transport so the only way to see them is from the deck of a boat. The boat has two parts: one of them has windows and protects you if it is too windy and the other one is opened. There is a cafe inside where you can buy soft drinks and snacks. Our professional licensed guide will tell you the history of our wonderful city.


There are three options to come to the quay:

  • By metro ( free of charge)
  • By taxi (we will help you to call a taxi or you can do it on your own : download Uber program from Apple store, insert promotion code c7sm2 and get a discount of 10 USD on first trip.)
  • You can rent a car/minivan ( car-70 USD, minivan 90 USD)


Number of participantsTotal, $Total, RUB
1 adult1058190
2 adults15011700
3 adults20015600
4 adults25019500
5 adults30023400
6 adults35027300
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Note: 1 $ equals 78 rubles