• This museum is located inside the Kremlin.
  • It is quite small but unique in it᾿s collection of gems, jewelry and natural nuggets.
  • This is the Russian Crown Treasury where you will see the seven biggest precious stones of Russian Federation: red spinel attached to the Imperial Crown of Russia (400 carats), sapphire (260 carats) attached to the golden Globe that is the symbol of tsar᾿s power over the world, Colombian emerald (136 carats), the lagest diamond of 342 carats etc.
  • All items are priceless. Some showcases have 35 thousand carats of diamonds. For example, only the weight of diamonds in the Imperial Crown of Russia is 5 thousand carats.


260 USD. The same price from one person to six people. There are few guided tours for this museum because a price of the guided tour is very high, but you can visit this museum on your own, then the rate will be only 500 RUB (8 USD) per person, you can pay in cash at the doors of the museum. Our guide can help you to buy tickets. Before visiting this museum you should leave your mobile phones, camaras and umbrellas at the storage room of the museum.

Notes about this tour

This tour should be prepaid FOUR days before the visit. Cancelation is not possible.
You can pay by credit card, secured PAYPAL payment, we accept Visa and MasterCard.You can᾿t pay in cash for this tour.
No additional fees!
If you go by metro, tickets will be free for you.  Our meeting point is the reception desk at the hotel.
Contact us, please, and we will discuss the best way for you to come to the Kremlin.

Note: 1 $ equals 78 rubles