We are sure you have never seen such a great city that is Moscow when night time. The architectural illumination, the project started in 1997 when the 850 anniversary of Moscow, is fabulous and will fascinate you. If you also chose Moscow city tour when day light, of course there is no use to go to the same tour once again, that’s why our guides will offer you another itinerary, including:


Petrovka Street

  • St. Peter᾿s Street, it has sumptuous buildings
  • Where was the first traffic light installed in Moscow?
  • Where is the museum of GULAG?
  • Where did people buy the best French wine in Petrovka at the beginning of the 20th century?


Neglinnaya Street

  • This street keeps an atmosphere of old Moscow.
  • Where did Russian writer Anton Chejov live from May to November of 1902?
  • Where were the old sumptuous baths opened in the XIXth century and where are they located until today?


  Sretenka Street

    Famous by it᾿s Monastery
  • What is the meaning of the word “Sretenka”?
  • Why does this district have many side-streets?
  • What was the kind of people who lived in this district in the XIXth century?


Garden Ring and a palace of Sheremetev

  •  Where and when was constructed the fourth fortificational wall?
  • Who were the Sheremetev family?

The Square of three Railway stations

  • Trans Siberian train departs from this place, 10 thousand kilometers to Vladivostok  (to the Pacific Ocean), one week trip.
  •  Where was  the first railway road constructed?
  • What was the most visited department store in Soviet time?


Sakharov avenue

  • Andrei Sakharov – the inventor of the first hydrogen bomb
  • Why did this avenue become famous worldwide in 2012?


Miasnitskaya Street

  • Meat Streat and tea-house of Perlov in Chinesse style (XIXth century)
  • Why was this street the main one in the epoch of Peter the Great (Peter I)?
  • How was the tipical look of a traditional Russian manor?
  • How was the illumination of the streets in the epoch of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin?


Kitay-Gorodskaya Redbrick wall

  • Second fortification wall after Kremlin᾿s one
  • What do the words “Kitai-Gorodskaya” mean?
  • What did this fortress protect?


Kremlin᾿s embankment

  • It is under special protection of the government
  • Which was the first embankment illuminated with electric lamps?
  • How was the illumination before the electric lamps came in use?
  • It is possible to see this panorama in the post cards that are sold in all Moscow souvenir shops.


The Monument to Peter the Great

  • Hight – 98 meters
  • Why did the Georgian sculptor Zurab Tseritelli become so popular in Moscow?
  • Why do moscovites call this statue Peter Columbus or Cristopher Romanov?
  • Why is this monument so huge?


 Building of Russian Academy of Science

  • Unique in it᾿s architecture
  • It represents the searching of new ideas in architecture
  • Which Russian scientist was granted a Nobel Prize in 2002?
  • Why do muscovites call this building “a golden brain” or a “bottle of perfume”?


Moscow State University

  • One of the best buildings representing Stalinist style
  • Why do people live in the main building of the University?
  • Where is the biggest watсh of the world located?
  • What world famose scientists were professors of this University?

victory park

Victory Park

  • The center of the park is a huge stella of 141m 18 sentimeters – each 10 centimeters symbolize one day of the World War Two.
  • Where did Napoleon Bonaparte wait for the keys of Moscow?
  • What is the connection between this park and Bill Clinton and Felipe Gonzalez?
  • Why are many temples of different confesions (musulman mosque, catholic chapel, orthodox church and sinagoga) located in this park?


Kutuzov Avenue

  • What was the role of Marshal Kutuzov in Russian history?
  • Why does specially this road bear the name of Kutuzov?
  • Where was the main battle against Napoleon in 1812?


Triumphal Arch

  • Erected after the victory over Napoleon in 1812
  • What is the meaning of figures between the columns of the Triumphal Arch?
  • Why was this Triumphal Arch firstly erected in the center of Moscow and why was it dismantled and moved to Kutuzov avenue?

moscow city

Business district “Moscow-city”

  • How many buildings are Moscow government going to erect on this site nowadays?
  • How many storied are these buildings?
  • Which tower did spider man climb?


White House

  • The Government House of Russian Federation
  • Why was the White House bombed in 1993?
  • Who works at White House?
  • How does prime minister come to White House?


New Arbat Street

  • Looks like Las Vegas when night time
  • What does the word “Arbat” mean?
  • Where was the first advertisement located in Moscow and what did it show?
  • Why is famous the restaurant “Prague”?


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Notes about this tour

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You can always cancel your tour one day before the tour, you will get back your money.
But if you want it is possible to come back to Red Square and other places you have seen before because you will get another impression  when night time. Tell your guide if you want to come back to Red Square.
Please note, if you came to Moscow for a working trip and can᾿t go sightseeing when day light, it’s possible to make this night tour like Moscow city tour of the day. You can always speak to your guide and we will arrange a special tour only for you.

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