• Pick up at the hotel or another place you prefer
  • Car/minivan with a professional driver


Red Square

  • The main Square of the Russian Federation, UNESCO protected
  • Why is it called red?
  • What function has the square had for many years?
  • What is the oldest and the youngest building in the square?
  • Who was St. Basil and why is the most colourful cathedral in Moscow named in his honour?


The Kremlin

  • What does the word “Kremlin” mean?
  • How big is the Kremlin and does anyone live in it now?
  • Why did the fortress appear  in that part of the town?



St. Basil᾿s cathedral

  • Outside, if inside see notes below
  • UNESCO protected
  • Built by the order of Ivan the Terrible as thanking God for a great victory. Which one?
  • Why is it also called Intercession cathedral?
  • Why is it so decorative?


Gum Department Store

  • Who sponsored the construction work of this sumptuous building in the late 19th century?
  • Has anybody ever lived in GUM?
  • What is inside GUM now?


Tverskaya Street

  • The main street of Moscow known from the 12th century.
  • Moscow mayor᾿s office and the monument to the founder of Moscow
  • How was it possible to move the buildings in the street?
  • What is the connection between red granite foundations of some buildings at Tverskaya Street and Hitler?


The Bolshoy theatre

  • The main opera and ballet stage in Russia
  • What does the word ‘Bolshoi’ mean?
  • What is the meaning of the statue of Apollo with horses?


The building of former KGB

  • One very famous soviet joke says that the building it so tall that it is possible to see Siberia from there.
  • When and why was the institution later called KGB created?
  • What monument used to stand in front of it and when did it disappear?



St. Barbara street and Zaryadye park

  • The house where the first tsar from the Romanovs was born is still in St. Barbara street
  • The first English embassy is also located there
  • Zaryadye park with its amazing floating bridge were open to visitors in September 2017.


St. Sofia᾿s embankment

  • The best view on the Kremlin and its golden-domed cathedrals
  • Where is possible to see Neglinnaya river which was enclosed in a tube 200 year ago and is now under the ground?

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior

  • The main cathedral of Russia (inside)
  • Where was the biggest open air swimming pool located in Moscow until 1990?
  • Where did Soviet Authorities decide to erect a 400 meter-tall palace of Soviets?
  • Why was the original Cathedral of Christ the Savior built and destoryed?


New Maiden (Novodevichy) Convent (outside)

  • UNESCO protected.
  • What is the connection between Napoleon Bonaparte and this convent?
  • Why would daughters and sisters of the tsar have to take the veil?
  • What was the way to treat the ‘unwanted wives’ in royal families, given that there were no divorces?


The football stadium “Luzhniki”

  • The place of holding of summer Olympic games in 1980
  • The place of holding of final games of FIFA World Cup in 2018
  • What does the word “Luzhniki” mean?
  • This was the place of holding of the Final game of UEFA Champions League between Chelsea and Manchester in 2008.


Moscow State University

  • The most beautiful of the so-called ‘7 sisters’, high-rising building, erected by the order of Stalin at the beginning of 1950s.
  • Does anyone live in the main building of the University?
  • Has anyone ever climbed up to the star on the spire?


Sparrow hills

  • Panoramic view of Moscow
  • See some of the 7 sisters, Moscow of the 21st century, 2 TV towers and many other sights from this ‘balcony of the whole city’


“Mosfilm” film studio


  • ‘Moscow Hollywood’
  • It has 4 Oscar awards
Drop off at the hotel or any other place in the city center


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