Moscow – What to see at night?

Moscow night tourAll big cities have a special look at night. The rhythm of the city becomes quite, the feelings intensive. Many Moscow attractions look different at night and are full of exceptional beauty.

There are thousands of dazzling windows, skyscrapers razing to the sky is a spectacular view able to cut the breath. When night comes, take warm clothes and go to see the financial center of the city of Moscow. You can take a cup of hot coffee, a blanket, sit there and watch a spectacular view from the best point of Taras Shevchenko embankment. And if you have the opportunity to visit the viewpoint of one of the skyscrapers, you will see there an unforgettable panorama of the city from the height of a bird flight.

The viewpoint of the Moscow State University.
As a part of the Moscow night tour you can visit the viewpoint of the University. The main building impresses even more at night time by its dazzling beauty and majesty. Also there is a beautiful view of the whole city from the observation desk, the skyscrapers of Stalin and the football stadium “Luzhniki” where “Chelsea” lost to “Manchester United” in the final of the League of Championes in 2008.

The “Ukraine”. Hotel
The “Ukraine” hotel – is the last Stalin skyscraper built after the dictator’s death. It’s name “Ukraine” the hotel received in the years of Khrushchev government. For some people it is a 5-star hotel, for others a dwelling house. This building looks very impressive and beautiful at night. The building has 25 floors and its total height is 206m. “Ukraine” hotel is located at the bend of the Moscow River at the beginning of the Kutuzov Avenue.

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior.
It is an orthodox cathedral, a building that has a dramatic fate. The cathedral was built in honor of the soldiers who died during the war against the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte in 1812. When the communists came to power (the communist regime was an atheist one) they decided to blow up the cathedral as it was one of the main religious symbols of Moscow. There was an open-air swimming pool instead of the cathedral. And only in 1990 the decision to rebuild the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in its historical look was taken. The cathedral is beautiful when day and night time. His monumental look illuminated by many lights reflects in the water of the Moscow River.

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