This tour includes:
  • A professional licensed guide
  • Pick up at the hotel 


Kutafia Tower

  • Protected Kremlin outskirts from the enemies
  • What does the word “Kutafia” mean?
  • What is Moscow baroque?
  • Why was the Tower erected on this site?

St.Trinity bridge

  • The main entrance to the Kremlin
  • Why was the bridge constructed on this place?
  • Where is the river protecting this side of the Kremlin?


Trinity Tower

  • Don’t forget to appreciate the wideness of Kremlin towers
  • When was set up a five-pointed star on the tower?
  • Why is Moscow often called the third Rome?


The Arsenal

  • Kremlin regiment lives inside
  • Whoes canons can we see next to the facade of the Arsenal?


The State Kremlin Palace

  • The former Palace of Congresses of Communist Party
  • What did the arquitect say to prove that this building suits perfectrly this place?
  • What does the double-headed eagle simbolize and when did it become the national emblem of Russia?
  • How was the palace of Congresses used in Soviet days?

The palace of Senate

The palace of Senate

  • Working place of the president Vladimir Putin
  • Who worked in this building in Soviet time?
  • How many palaces did the empress Catherine the Great have?

tsar canon

The tsar Canon

  • The biggest in the world
  • Why was it casted?


  The tsar Bell

  • The biggest in the world
  • How much time did it take to cast the bell of 200 tons?
  • How was it possible to hang it?

assumption cathedral

The Assumption Сathedral

  • Inside, was used for Coronation Ceremonies
  • How was the coronation ceremony held from the mid-sixteenth centrury until the late XIXth century?
  • What is the story told by ancient frescoes to us?
  • How was the old gilding technique of the domes?

The Archangel Cathedral

  • Inside, the burial place for Russian Tsars and Grand Princes
  • Where is the burial place of Ivan the Terrible?
  • Why was Peter the Great (Peter I) buried in St.Petersburg?
  • How did the first dynasty come to an end?

anunsation cathedral

The Annunsation Cathedral

  • Inside, was used for baptizing and marriage ceremonies
  • What is the difference between catholic and orthodox religion?
  • Do orthodox priests marry?
  • Do orthodox believe in the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary?

The Big Kremlin Palace

The Big Kremlin Palace

  • Outside. Nowadays it is used for events
  • Was the family of Nicolas II (the last Russian emperor) canonized by Orthodox Church?
  • Where did the emperor family live mainly?
  • Where is the first palace where the emperor family used to stop after their arrival to Moscow?
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Number of participants
 Total (without transport)
Total (transport included)
1 adult
120 USD
with a car 265 USD
2 adults
160 USD
with a car 300 USD
3 adults
180 USD
with a car 330 USD
4 adults
210 USD
with a minivan 350 USD
5 adults
250 USD
with a minivan 370 USD
6 adults
300 USD
with a minivan 390 USD
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WORLD CUP (10th June – 20th July 2018)

Number of participants
 Total (without transport)
1 adult
170 USD
2 adults
225 USD
3 adults
255 USD
4 adults
295 USD
5 adults
350 USD
6 adults
420 USD
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Notes about this tour

This tour should be prepaid FOUR days before the visit. If you want to cancel this tour you will get back only half a sum.
You can pay by credit card, secured PAYPAL payment, we accept Visa and MasterCard.You can᾿t pay in cash for this tour.
Kremlin tickets are included in tour price. No additional fees!
If you don‘t rent a car you will go by metro with your guide. Metro tickets will be free for you. Our meeting point is the reception desk at the hotel.
Contact us, please, and we will discuss the best way for you to come to the Kremlin.