• This museum is a must-see if you want to have a general idea of what Russian art is like, especially in its ‘Golden Age’ – the 19th century.
  • Besides the Golden Age, you can see the main highlights of Russian Art from the 11th to the early 20th century.
  • The museum is named after its founder, Pavel Tretyakov, so it was started back in 1856 as a private picture gallery.


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Number of participants
 Total (without transport)
Total (transport included)
1 adulto
100 USD / 7100 RUB
with a car 185 USD / 13135 RUB
2 adultos
130 USD / 9230 RUB
with a car 215 USD / 15265 RUB
3 adultos
145 USD / 10295 RUB
with a car 230 USD / 16330 RUB
4 adultos
160 USD / 11360 RUB
with a minivan 245 USD / 17395 RUB
5 adultos
175 USD / 12425 RUB
with a minivan 260 USD / 18460 RUB
6 adultos
190 USD / 13490 RUB
with a minivan 275 USD / 19525 RUB
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Notes about this tour

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If needed you can rent a car for this tour; otherwise you will go by metro with your guide. Metro tickets will be free for you. Our meeting point is the reception desk at the hotel.
Note: 1 $ equals 71 rubles