• UNESCO protected. In function until today. 30 nuns live in the territory.
  • The architectural ansamble was formed in the XVIIth century and it preserved until today.
  • It was the leaving place for noble women, tsar᾿s widows and daughters, boyar᾿s daughters.
  • You will be able to enter to the former house of half sister to Peter the Great Sofia (XVIIth century) and to the house of Tsarina Irina (XVIth century).
  • Also we will enter to the Assumption church that is in function and opened to the faithfull.



Number of participants
Total (without transport)
Total (transport included)
1 adult
125 USD / 8875 RUB
with a car 210 USD / 14910 RUB
2 adults
140 USD / 9940 RUB
with a car 225 USD / 15975 RUB
3 adults
155 USD / 11005 RUB
with a car 240 USD / 17040 RUB
4 adults
170 USD / 12070 RUB
with a minivan 255 USD / 18105 RUB
5 adults
185 USD / 13135 RUB
with a minivan 270 USD / 19170 RUB
6 adults
200 USD / 14200 RUB
with a minivan 285 USD / 20235 RUB
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Notes about this tour

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ATTENTION: your booking for tomorrow morning should be placed before 10 PM otherwise it will be canceled.
Tickets are included in tour price. No additional fees!
If needed you can rent a car for this tour otherwise you will go by metro with your guide. Metro tickets will be free for you. Our meeting point is the reception desk at the hotel.

Note: 1 $ equals 71 rubles