• This tour includes a professional licensed guide
  • Pick up at the hotel or another place you prefer
  • Car/minivan with a professional driver


Red Square

  • The main Square of Russian Federation, UNESCO protected
  • You will get answers to some traditional questions why it is called «red»
  • Where the soviet leaders stood when military parades
  • Where the burial place of Josef Stalin is
  • Where the burial place of Yuri Gagarin is



  • The fortress where Russian Tsars and Church leaders lived, outside
  • What does the word “Kremlin” mean?
  • Where is a natural hill leading to Neglinnaya River?
  • Where is Neglinnaya river?


St. Basil᾿s cathedral

  • Outside, if inside see notes below
  • It was erected on the orders of the first Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible, UNESCO protected
  • Why is it also called Intercesion cathedral?
  • Is it truth that the architects who constructed this cathedral were blinded?
  • Why was it covered with brick pattern after being completed the construction work?


Gum Department Store

  • The unique Trading Rows in the world
  • When is GUM absolutely closed for visitors?
  • Who sponsored the construction work of this sumptuous building in the late XIXth century?
  • When was the time when some people had flats  inside GUM?
  • Where was a farewell ceremony with Stalin’s second wife when she died?


Tverskaya Street

  • The main street of Moscow existing from the XIIth century.
  • Mayor᾿s department and the monument to the founder of Moscow
  • Why did Grigoriy Belinskiy (Russian literature critic) write that this street was narrow and curve?
  • How was it possible to move the buildings in the street?
  • What is the connection between red granite covering some buildings at Tverskaya Street and Hitler?


Bolshoy theatre

  • The main opera and ballet stage
  • What was the first performance held in this theatre?
  • How was the first theatre organized in Moscow?
  • What is the meaning of the statue of Apolo with horses?


The building of former-KGB

  • One very famous soviet joke says that it’s possible to see the Far East from this place.
  • What is the meaning of CHEKA, KGB and FSB?
  • Whose monument stood on the square in front of the main facade?
  • What is the history of the name of Lubianskaya square?


Buildings of president administration

Buildings of president᾿s administration

  • Who worked in this building in the soviet time?
  • Where does the president Vladimir Putin work?


An old Street of St. Barbara

  • You will feel yourself in the XVIIth century
  • Where is considered to be born the first Russian tsar Mijail Romanov?
  • Where is the first English embassy?
  • What is Guest yard?


St. Sofia᾿s embankment

  • The best view on the Kremlin and it᾿s cathedrals
  • Who was a “sugar king” of Moscow and where did he live?
  • Where is the house of Pavel Tretiakov, the famose collector of Russian painting, the founder of Tretiakov Gallery?
  • Where is possible to see Neglinnaya river which was enclosed in pipe at the first half of the XIXth century?

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior

  • The main cathedral of present day Russia (inside)
  • Where was the biggest open air swimming pool located in Moscow until 1990?
  • Where did Soviet Authorities decide to erect a huge palace 300 meters tall?
  • Why was destroyed the old Cathedral of Christ the Savior?


New Maden᾿s Convent (outside)

  • The living place of Tsar’s vidows and daughters, UNESCO protected.
  • What is the connection between Chaikovskiy and this place?
  • Where is the tower that makes wishes truth?
  • What is the connection between Napoleon Bonaparte and this convent?


The football stadium “Luzhniki”

  • The place of holding of summer Olimpic games in 1980
  • The place of holding of final games of FIFA World Cup in 2018
  • What does the word “Luzhniki” mean?
  • How is connected this place with the American singer Madonna?
  • This was the place of holding of the Final game of UEFA Champions League between Chelsea and Manchester in 2008.


Moscow State University

  • One of the best buildings representing Stalinist style
  • Why do people live in the main building of the University?
  • Where is the biggest watсh of the world located?
  • Which world famose scientists were professors of this University?


Sparrow hills

  • Panoramic view on Moscow
  • Why do the hills bear the name of Sparrow?
  • Where is possible to understand Russian soul according to the famous Russian writer Anton Chejov?
  • What is the Church of St.Trinity famous for?


“Mosfilm” film studio

  • It has 4 Oscar awards
  • What is the connection between this place and Sergei Eizhenshtein?
Drop off to the hotel or another wished place


Number of participants
1 adult
170 USD
2 adults
190 USD
3 adults
220 USD
4 adults
240 USD
5 adults
260 USD
6 adults
280 USD
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WORLD CUP (10th June – 20th July 2018)

Number of participants
1 adult
240 USD
2 adults
270 USD
3 adults
310 USD
4 adults
340 USD
5 adults
370 USD
6 adults
390 USD
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Notes about this tour

-Payment method: we accept credit cards: Visa, MasterCard. PayPal secured payment.
ATTENTION: your booking for tomorrow morning should be placed before 10 PM otherwise it will be canceled.
-You can always cancel your tour one day before the tour, you will get back your money.
-If holy relics are brought to the Cathedral of Crist the Savior (few days a year) the queues are very long, pilgrims spend ours to enter the Cathedral and you won᾿t be able to visit it inside during the tour.
The tour is by car, but we will make several stops each one lasting from 5 (just to take a picture) to 30 minutes.



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