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  • This is one of the oldest Moscow streets where a lot of important people have lived before: poets, musicians etc. The street preserved the appearance of old Moscow.
  • There are lot᾿s of buildings in Art Nouveau and Art Décor style.
  • This ancient street looks like La Rambla in Barcelona or Mont Martre in Paris.
  • Young artists can paint your portrait; unknown music bands will sing songs or just play music.
  • The street is very different from others in Moscow. And it is always very interesting when a native muscovite (our guides are from Moscow) is telling you a story about this old Moscow place.

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Number of participants
Total (without transport)
Total (transport included)
1 adult
80 USD / 5680 RUB
with a car 130 USD / 9230 RUB
2 adults
90 USD / 6390 RUB
with a car 140 USD / 9940 RUB
3 adults
100 USD / 7100 RUB
with a car 150 USD / 10650 RUB
4 adults
110 USD / 7810 RUB
with a minivan 170 USD / 12070 RUB
5 adults
120 USD / 8520 RUB
with a minivan 180 USD / 12780 RUB
6 adults
130 USD / 9230 RUB
with a minivan 190 USD / 13490 RUB
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Notes about this tour

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Note: 1 $ equals 71 rubles