Victoria Gornostaeva – English, Spanish, Portuguese, 13 years experience 

  • My name is Victoria Gornostaeva. Welcome to my website that was made especially for you. I have been working as a guide in Moscow since 2002. I have decided to create my own website to invite you to guided tours by the beautiful old city of Moscow. As I am fond of my job, I usually transfer my feelings to my tourists who usually become satisfied. I speak three foreign languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese. I started to study Spanish at school where it was the main subject from the age of 6. Then, I entered the Moscow State Teacher Training University where I went on studying Spanish at the faculty of foreign languages. As for my English, I started studying it from the fifth grade. When I finished school I continued studying it at the University and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the same time. Concerning my Portuguese, I made up my mind to study it after the University attending private classes given by two teachers one of them was from Brazil and the other one from Cabo Verde. I want to study French and Italian now. I got the profession of a guide at the Moscow Association of Guides and Interpreters. I have an accreditation card that gives me an opportunity to carry out my job at the city and many museums including the museums of Moscow Kremlin. I wish you chose some tours from those I can offer you now and I expect you will find reasonable the prices that are based on Moscow rates for a guide service. Also, here, I would pay your attention on the booking rules of such tours as Kremlin, Armory Chamber and Diamond Fund that should be booked 4 days before the visit and paid only by a credit card. Well, finally, I would say that I hope to see you in Moscow soon!